Empowering Women

Our brand, EmPoLaempire was founded to spread the vision that empowered woman believes in empowering fellow women who feel they are vulnerable and need help and inspiration. EmPoLa represents Em-Powered-Ladies and is a powerful statement reflecting our passion. We believe that providing expression of their strength through the products emphasizing the statements of their tenacity, will inspire and encourage woman all round the world to realize their potential and rise up to the patriarchal society.

Inspiring women

EmPoLaempire vision is to inspire all women to believe in their undaunting strength and capabilities and achieve their dreams and become the queen of their lives that they are. We are committed to donate a part of our revenue to the charities that empower and educate women and lift them out of poverty and vulnerable situations. We believe empowered and enlightened women not only better the lives of themselves and the people they care, but also of the entire female community of this earth to make this a wonderful place to live.

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