Who we are

Our brand is based on the strong belief that women empowerment is the way towards a healthy and strong society that encourages equality and rights for all human beings. We are honored to promote Female Strong® whose mission aligns with our values and beliefs. We encourage all organizations to strongly promote and encourage women empowerment programs to inspire women of all races, ethnicity and religions to achieve their potential.

Inspiring women

Female Strong ® is a non-profit with a common purpose to offer hands-on programs, mentorship, and experiences that build confidence in middle and high school girls, propelling them to become future leaders. We support the inclusion of all girl, trans, gender-fluid and non-binary youth as we help propel them to become future leaders. By empowering young women with the skills they need early in life, we are equipping them to realize their potential, and preempt the inequities that exist for women in the workplace today.

(Some content taken from http:femalestrong.org)

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